Why Pehmea is so natural

It triggered us: most clothing is made from unsustainable resources. Do you buy those clothes new? Then that often means poor quality, more microplastics and having to buy more. That has to change. That's why it's time for Pehmea. A fair webshop where - if you buy then - you take in 100% natural clothing. Wear nature, not plastic.
A lot of webshops are on the right track. But all too often we still see small print, full of disclaimers. Of course, no one is perfect. But if you don't compromise, all those asterisks are superfluous. We sell only 100% merino wool and are honest about what we do. You shouldn't just expect that from us. You should demand it. Always let us know if something could be better. At Pehmea, we tell the truth. Even ourselves. More should do that.

Time for a 100% honest shop

We don't support fast fashion

The production process

An honest webshop we said. Then it makes sense that we take you into the production process. Can't get enough of it? Get in touch with us!